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About Wreck List
The Wreck List is a liberal socialist guild for members of the liberal political website DailyKos.com and other members of the progressive political community. If you are tired of playing with immature, selfish, homophobic or racists jerks who excel at creating drama, then the Wreck List may be the place for you. We take all classes and levels. As a guild we are dedicated to helping each other with all levels of the game — from leveling new characters or professions to progression raiding.
To apply for membership, you must first read our Declaration of Guild Purpose and Principles, and be sure to follow the links in the Declaration for more details and information about our guild. Only after you've read through the Declaration should you come back here to complete the application process.
Additionally, you will need to register at this site before you submit your application. (If you have started a new character on Garrosh before registering at the site and that character is not yet at level 10, the site may not be able to find you in the Blizzard armory. You will need to get to level 10 before you submit the application.) We will contact you via messages on your application if we have any questions. Sometimes an admissions officer may conduct an interview. Should your application be approved, we will leave instructions regarding how to get a guild invite as a message on your application.
For leveling and great guild chat we take all levels and classes. We range in age from 8 to 70 and are about half women. Many of our members are LGBTQ. Many of our members are parents of young children. Many of our members are grandparents. We try to keep guild chat rated PG-13. No homophobic, racist, sexist, or Tea Party wingnut remarks will be tolerated. The Wreck List is one of the most respected guilds on the server for integrity, respect, and fairness. Be sure that you have read and understand the section of the Guild Declaration on Expectation for Members.
According to the sites Wowprogress and Guildox, the Wreck List is usually ranked somewhere around the top 10 on the server for raid progression. But we are not a raiding guild. We are a great social guild that also raids. We currently have three 10 person progression raid groups, and quite frequently schedule 25 person raid events. However, if you are interested in just high end game raiding, then we are NOT the guild for you. But if you are anything from an elite raider to a new player to an altoholic to a PvPer to the world's slowest leveler and looking for a great group of friendly, diverse, supportive, liberal, progressive, and cool people to play with, then we are the guild you're looking for.

While guild chat is usually non-political, it is also where we discuss politics, which often includes criticism of Republicans, the so-called Tea Party, and of course, the Donald. Because a few guild members did not come to the Wreck List through political blogs, we do not expect everyone to hold progressive views on all issues; however, we do expect that all members respect the liberal foundation of the guild. This guild is a haven for us and not a forum for debating the views espoused by Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, Steve Bannon, the so-called Alt-Right (aka neo-nazis), or other provocative figures on the right. To that end, we do not tolerate promotion of right wing candidates or points of view in guild chat, whispers, or in vent. If you are a supporter of such candidates or a supporter of the Trump's GOP or their views, then Wreck List is not the guild for you. 
Recently we have had many new applicants and the guild is very close to reaching the membership cap. Go ahead and fill in an application but be patient as it may take us a while to get back to you as we work through the applications. If we do accept your application, you may have be on the waiting list. We'll do our best to get you into the guild as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding.