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Apparently Wreck List is a discriminatory guild despite their claims of acceptance of everyone. Clearly the only way to become a part of this guild is to be an active subscriber to a website called Daily Kos. They do claim that if you are more lenient on the Republican side that you should shy away from applying, but it appears that way for Democrats or anyone who isn't particularly a follower of the political issues today. Even the main page stating:

Because a few guild members did not come to the Wreck List through political blogs, we do not expect everyone to hold progressive views on all issues; however, we do expect that all members respect the liberal foundation of the guild.

How can you welcome new people and even advertise that you have guild members who did not come through political blogs? How can you continue to grow or be a respectable, accepting guild if you don't welcome new guildees from different backgrounds? If you no longer welcome such, and require newcomers that strictly have an email that is spammed with political blogs, along with a subscription to Daily Kos, then you should have this posted at the very top of your home page.

For anyone who takes the time to sign up with a website, to then fill out an application which clearly wasn't rushed through, is an outrage to then be rejected without even having an "interview" as your site states may happen if need be. You're completely discriminatory & close minded. I was honest in my application. I do fall in the perimeters of Liberalism, however, I do not have active views on the political issues today. I am not a fan of Obama, and since I knew from day 1 when he was elected that he would of course be re-elected. Since then, I've turned off the political noise since there is no point. But clearly you guys are against such people & only allow political talkers who will add to your political views and/or chatter in the guild.

Thank you for showing me that this guild is no different than the other remaining few guilds left on Garrosh. However, they have more on this one as they are upfront with how they are, who exactly they want, and more times than not actually accept newcomers and pass judgement after they've given them a chance in the guild.


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