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Angry Archimonde
Team Pm had a GREAT week! Thursday was kind of a working night, as we're trying to build heroic lockouts on Baelz's DK Baelzebabe so we can just farm the tier heroic bosses - so we had to do the first two fights on heroic, which was kind of tedious but did finally get done. We then went and put in some time on heroic Socrethar, and while we didn't get him down, we're learning the heroic patterns of the fight, which is work that we have to do, so it was good.

I started getting depressed over the weekend about how stuck we've been on Archimonde - I still have PTSD from old Team RP's looooong struggle with Garrosh in the previous expansion, and I just didn't want to go through that again on Archie. However, this team is more pro-active, and Lynera wrote a great analysis of where he saw us slipping up, looking at the logs from our best Archie night and our worst - and two things were clear: we needed to get the Doomfire balls down MUCH more quickly, and we also had to have 4 healers. We've also decided we have to be more disciplined about battle rezzes, since we don't have anyone who can step up and tank without having to change specs, if we run out of brezzes for our tanks (Team Z has that advantage with Tak there on his druid).

So, before the fight Tuesday, Tak announced the new plan - no brezzes unless and until he, Thanael or Papa calls for a specific person to be rezzed. Tony also suggested that he bring his disc priest Meian to heal, instead of his shaman who normally heals for us - Meian is now as well geared as his shammy, and as we all know, even Blizz has admitted that it's pretty tough to do these fights without disco priest shields. Tak also suggested those of us with the heirloom trinket equip it, as the dps one at least does extra damage on demons, which Archimonde is now classified as.

So, we zoned into Archie, alas without Haybaelz who had a doctor's appointment and had warned me he'd be late. We were hoping he'd get there by the time we finished trash, but no such luck, and since we had no idea how late he would be, we decided to just go ahead and pull Archie to see how we would do. And it went like clockwork - we had one early death, but everyone else stayed alive until at least the last minute and a half of the fight. Doomfires went down fast, we got to the second and third phases very quickly, and the void zone expeditions, taking almost everyone down there, went perfectly. AND WE GOT HIM! WOOOT! Pandemonium reigned in mumble, and we were so shocked at one-shotting him, I think most of us were close to incoherent for a bit!

I don't know if there was any one factor that got us over the hump on this fight, but I do think having Tony's priest shields helped a lot, as those bubbles gave our other healers time to get people back up in health. Also for some people, the heirloom trinket really upped the damage. And everyone just executed properly - that was the thing that really excited me. We played like a real team, and we got the results! Some VERY nice loot dropped, including 2 warforged socketted weapons (sword for Than and shield for Swyft), 2 different trinket tokens and of course everyone got their fel crystal to upgrade their legendary ring with. And those of us who hadn't killed him before on normal, which was most of us, got the "Time Is a Flat Circle" achievement, including a new monument for our garrisons! We dithered around for a bit, getting enchants and gems for our snazzy new stuff, so that Baelz wondered what the heck we were up to when he got there a few minutes later. And like the standup guy he is, Baelz expressed no sorrow at missing the first Archie kill, just was very happy for us - and we'll go back to him next week to get one for Baelz!

It was sort of anticlimactic after that, of course, but we decided to go put some work in on Socrethar, and again, it was well worth doing - we got him to 18% on one pull, and we are getting the dance down much better, so we hope we'll get him down in the next few nights so we can keep progressing on heroic. Tonight we'll go back to farming and building Baelzebabe's heroic lockout for tier farming purposes - but I think we're all feeling great about the week and looking forward to pushing further on heroic! Yay Team!