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Tyrant Velhari


Happy pre-turkey day from Hellfire Citadel!

It has been a banner week for team Kaels + our friends from <Empirical> on Madoran. With the patch this week, Mythic Hellfire Citadel became available cross-realm. We planned on giving the first encounter, Mythic Hellfire Assault, a go. Several people from our guild were absent early on, and we ended up with almost exactly 20 people, so nobody had to roll for spots. We made some nice progress on a handful of pulls, including getting the encounter to Phase 2. We expect to go back and work on this soon!

We didn't want to spend the entire evening bashing our heads against a new Mythic boss, so after 40 minutes or so, we converted to Heroic and tried a new Heroic boss: Tyrant Velhari. Well, it better than expected. We one-shot her.

With plenty of time left, we attempted Heroic Mannoroth. We one-shot him too. (Ok, ok, I will admit, there was only 1 person left standing, but it was still a one-shot). We even had enough time we pulled Archimonde on Heroic a couple of times. This will be the new boss we are working on - mounts for all! :)

After a very sucessful Thursday, on Monday team Kaels + a few from <Empirical> went after the only Heroic boss other than Archimonde left for progression: Socrethar the Eternal. Turns out he is not really Eternal. Another one-shot. Team Kaels is now 12/13 Heroic, and Wreck List is #5 on the server. If we somehow manage to down Archimonde before any of the other guilds, we may even (gasp) hit #1, although I suppose it is kind of sad our server no longer has any guilds capabable of running Mythics. Ah well, we are having fun!