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Heroic Xhul'horac Extinguished!

By Taymatt a - Posted Nov 15, 15


Greetings once again! I forgot to write this up, so here goes. Last week, (Nov. 5 I believe) team Kaels + our friends in <Empirical> on Madoran-US went back in after Xhul'horac on Heroic mode. We had done some very amazing work on him (including a 1% wipe) so we figured we had it. Sure enough, after a few pulls, BOOM. 

Wreck list is now 9/13 Heroic! This week, we made a couple of attempts on Heroic Socrethar on Thursday (<Empirical> has now actually killed him) but we were missing a *lot* of people, including our hunters. We had only 10 Wreck Listers for most of the night. So it was not to be. On a related note: please tell folk if you can't make it to raid so they can plan!

Up next: not sure about this Monday, but for the next post-patch lockout, we will be attempting Mythic Hellfire Assault, now that we can do cross-realm Mythics! Fun, and scary!