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Heroic Shadow-Lord Iskar Plucked!

By Taymatt a - Posted Oct 2, 15


Hello all! As I indicated a couple of days ago, I am back and will be giving updates, hopefully on all kinds of guild goings-on.

In the interm, some good news from Team Kaels: last night we collaborated with the same group who came with us for our Heroic Blast Furnace and Blackhand kills, and we were able to down a new Heroic boss: Shadow-Lord Iskar.

As you might imagine, the fire and other mechanics are a lot less forgiving on Heroic difficulty, and it is also difficult to manage property tossing the "eye" with 26 people, but still with the increased raid size, we were able to kill a new Heroic boss!

Folks, please send in your stories, events, and Wreck List-related news for our front page!