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Blast Furnace

Hello all, we are still around! Let me give you an update about Team Kaels. It's been nearly a month since we defeated Iron Maidens. I described some of our changes in raid composition, including a tank switch, but time has not been kind to Team Kaels. A combination of real life and Blizzard-induced ennui has led some additional losses, largely in ranged dps. Our remaining warlock, the always upbeat Lynera, had to unfortunately stop playing the game due to real life. We miss him and hope he is doing well.We have also lost a mage or two, a death knight, and probably some other classes. We also had to take an entire week off because that darn Sipsy was gallivanting all over the country looking to secure housing. ;)

The bottom line is that while we started off this expansion at about 17 or 18 raid members in Team Kaels (hoping to get to 20 for Mythic), we now have only 12 or 13 raid members. This has been very difficult, especially given our losses have recently all been dps. It means that one or two of the healers is essentially always having to dps. Kaels has quite frequently gone shadow, but lately, we've been having to two heal, and the burden has all-too-often fallen to Catlateral to go Boomkin. This low number of raiders is also apparently very bad for some of the bosses, despite Blizzard's insistence that Heroic is balanced for all sizes between 10 and 30. Blast Furnace is one of those bosses, and is unforgiving at our raid size. This past week, we even had a couple of members volunteer to sit out to try and help tweak the numbers. We don't like doing this, and it didn't really help in any event.

This is not an easily solvable problem either: unless members of Team Kaels have liberal friends interested in playing WoW and willing to apply to the guild, there is nobody to add to the team. With the possible exception of a few new guild members, I believe all of those who have expressed interest in raiding are already part of another raid team in our guild.

Tonight, the trend appeared to continue. We had only 11 raid members online at raid time. So we decided to try something different. A real-ID friend of me, Kaels, and Sipsy had casually made an offer to try and pug a few Heroic bosses together. Her raid team had similar progression, and we were short-handed, so we decided to take her up on the offer.Her raid team had more members than our team, and she decided to fill all the way to 30 people. The experiment was very fun for all of us, and was a success. We wiped a few times on Iron Maidens, but we killed them. We then promptly went and one-shot Heroic Blast Furnace. It was very exciting for all of us. Unfortunately Catlateral had to leave a bit early, and Corwyn / Ladonna logged on late, after the raid had been filled to 30. As such, they didn't get to be in on the Blast Furnace kill. :( But this was all new to us, and we will be sure to reserve spots for them next time!

The collaboration worked so well, we plan on taking one day next week to work on Heroic Blackhand together!