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Heroic Iron Maidens Defeated!

By Taymatt a - Posted May 10, 15

Iron Maidens

It's been a very long time since Team Kaels has had any news regarding progression, largely because of big changes in the raid composition plus some absences. Our paladin tank Ninotchka is taking a well-deserved and fully-understandable break from the game. One of our warlocks (Carune) has graciously switched to his druid tank (Gromn). We've spent some time gearing Gromn, as well as at least one returning member and some alts.

Despite all of these changes, we've managed to fit in a handful of progression days, and it paid off last Thursday. We were finally able to defeat the Iron Maidens on Heroic difficulty. Our first progression boss with the new composition, yay! 

Onward to Blast Furnace!