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Sha of Fear Destroyed!

By Taymatt a - Posted Feb 6, 13
Sha of Fear
The first night raiding this week, team Kaels went into the Terrace of Endless Spring once again. We made quick work of the first three encounters, including one-shotting Lei Shi as well as the Elite mode of the Protectors. That left us with ample time to to work on the final boss in this raid tier, the Sha of Fear. Our work on him last week paid off, and with a bit of practice, we defeated him. 

The fight is very similar to what happens in the Looking For Raid version of the fight, except for everything hits harder and is a bit more difficult to kill. By the end of last week, we figured out that at the platforms, a successful strategy will have the tank and the healer be largely responsible for collecting the orbs that heal the add, while the three dps focus almost exclusively on killing the dude. After we got that down, it was mostly tweaking.

Anyway, it's done, and up next: zomg, heroics.