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Lei Shi Rescued!

By Taymatt a - Posted Jan 26, 13
Lei Shi
Another great week for team Kaels progression. This week, decided to take an Ambershaper / Empress lockout instead of a full Heart of Fear clear. This gave us time to work on the Tsulong encounter, which we defeated, and after we one-shotted Empress tonight, we had ample time to figure out the Lei Shi encounter. As is the case with Tsulong, Lei Shi is possessed by the Sha of Fear, and we apparently have to attempt to kill her to rescue her. Yeah, I know, makes sense, right? This encounter isn't much different from LFR with one exception: the phases where Lei Shi summons the "protector" water elemental adds can be *very* deadly. After much fine tuning, however, we figured it out, and defeated the encounter. Only one boss left in the 5.1 raid tier: look out Sha of Fear, you are next. :)