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Ambershaper Un'sok Disintegrated!

By Taymatt a - Posted Jan 11, 13
Some very good progression by Team Kaels this week. On Tuesday we breezed through the first three bosses in Heart of Fear and got the fourth boss down. Well, tonight we worked on the fifth boss in this raid, Ambershaper Un'sok, and we actually killed him on our seventh pull. Once again, I am a touch too lazy to truly explain the fight, but suffice it to say, it involves some weird mechanics: angry amber blobs, nasty pools of amber, a massive amber monstrosity, and then Un'sok occasionally turns raid members into mini-Rhyolith-looking constructs. In the end, he was as dead as the first four bosses. We even had time to pull the final boss of this raid, the Grand Empress, a few times. And we still have one day left! So who knows, maybe we can kill her tomorrow. Wish us luck. :)