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Wind Lord Mel'jarak Defeated!

By Taymatt a - Posted Jan 9, 13
Wind Lord Mel'jarak
Team Kaels returned to Heart of Fear tonight, and not only did we speed through the first three bosses, but we also killed Wind Lord Mel'jarak, the fourth of six bosses in this raid instance. This fight was actually a bit easier than the Garalon encounter. Mel'jarak has a large number of adds that help him fight. Being a truly sporting bug, Mel'jarak permits the raid to crowd control four of his friends; if you cc more than four, however, he breaks all of the cc. There are three groups of adds: one group are healers, one group traps raid members in amber, and one group are meanies that like to damage people. Each group shares a health pool. 

The strategy is to kill all three groups as close together as possible, given the Mel'jarak does increased damage each time a group dies. And of course, while the raid is busy killing adds and breaking people out of amber, Mel'jarak performs several nasty abilities. After the adds are dead, the raid focuses on Mel'jarak. At 75% health, he starts targeting raid members with wind bombs. If a raid member steps on one of these bombs, it does a substantial amount of AoE damage to the entire raid - it is essentially a wipe. Additionally, Mel'jarak performs an exceedingly nasty AoE called "rain of blades". This was the most difficult part for us. Not only do healing cooldowns have to be planned out; also, raid members need to use personal damage reduction and immunity cooldowns to survive. But anyway, he's dead, and we have two more days in Heart of Fear this week. Up next: Amber shaper Un'sok.