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Spirit Kings Dethroned!

By Taymatt a - Posted Oct 25, 12
Spirit Kings
On Tuesday, team Kaels entered Mogu'shan Vaults with a fresh lockout, and well, we kicked some ass. Not only did we breeze through the first three bosses with only a few minor hiccups on Feng, we actually downed our fourth boss in this raid, the Spirit Kings. This encounter isn't too bad. It consists of four Kings: Qiang the Merciless, Meng the Demented, Subetai the Swift, and Zian of the Endless Shadow. Each of the four Kings have different abilities, and the raid fights them each in succession. The fight becomes more difficult with each King the raid kills, because although the King dies, his spirit continues to wander around, occasionally casting his ability on the raid. Thus, by the time the fourth King is engaged, there is a lot going on. But in any event, we killed 'em dead. Wreck List is now 4/6. Up next: Elegon.