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Feng the Accursed Down!

By Taymatt a - Posted Oct 18, 12
Feng the Accursed
On Tuesday, team Kaels went back into Mogu'shan Vaults, this time one-shotting the Stone Guard, leaving us plenty of time to work on the next boss, Feng the Accursed. This fight has three phases. In the first, Feng deals lightning-based damage; in the second, he deals fire damage; and in the third he deals arcane damage. As you might imagine the amount of healing required is fairly nuts, and our healers were amazing. As was the case with the Stone Guard, parts of this fight are tricky for the tanks, who have to use special action bar abilities to interrupt Feng's abilities and provide the raid with a barrier. But nevertheless, we made fairly quick work of Feng. Up next: Gara'jal the Spiritbinder. Ugh.