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How did you find out about the Wreck List?
If you would like to apply for guild membership, this is not the correct page.

To apply for guild membership, please visit our formal online membership application.

To the extent you have questions about us before you fill out an guild application, please check our Guild Declaration of Purpose and Principles before continuing. That document should answer most of your questions.

If you are having technical difficulties accessing or submitting the application form, please describe the problem below, and we will try to help. Most of the people who have used our application form have had no problem, but for a small handful of people, even when the application form is completely filled out and the "submit" button is pressed, the application does not appear to go through. We have two recommendations. First, please be sure you have registered on this website before submitting an application. If you have not registered, please register and then try filling out the application again. Second, if you have rolled a new toon on Garrosh and it is not yet level 10, then just go ahead and level it up, then wait 24 hours in order for it to show up on the official Blizzard Armory. Your application should go through then with no problems.

If you continue to have problems submitting the application, please leave a couple of paragraphs in the box below (you do not have to write anything exceedingly lengthy, don't worry) explaining how you found out about the Wreck List and why you want to join. Please include a discussion of your political background and issues that are important to you. At this point, we are getting full, so simply wanting to join in order to be in guild of mature players is not really enough.

When you think you've given us a good idea of why you'd be a good fit with us feel free to submit this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are having any other difficulties or if this contact form is not working, please forward the following information via email to our GM: (1) a brief explanation of the technical difficulties you have had with the application process; and (2) a copy of the paragraphs you attempted to submit via the box below. Our GM can be reached at: Dkosmama at gmail dot com. She will get back to you when she has a chance.

Thank you.