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Welcome to Wreck List!

Kaels a posted Jun 23, 11

Thanks for stopping by the website of the Wreck List, the unofficial guild of the Daily Kos community. We are a big, friendly, stable social guild that raids. In fact, we are also usually near the top 10 for ten person raid progression on our server according to Wowprogress and Guildox. We've done this well with a relaxed attitude that puts fun first, while sticking to our principles. If you would like to find out more about those principles please read our Declaration of Purpose and Principles.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Wreck List, please put in an application by visiting our recruitment page.


Please read this thread for information about installing Mumble, guild vault access, and our mandatory chat addon, GreenWall. If you are a new member and are unable to view the thread or do not have sufficient permissions to view the thread, this is likely because (1) you have not yet associated any of your guilded characters with your enjin username; and/or (2) the enjin / battle.net information has not yet synchronized. If you need help associating a guilded character with your enjin username, please read this thread. If you are still having problems, please whisper Taymage in-game or send him a private message here on the enjin site.

Cloud Serpents!

Huge thanks to Team Z from all of Wreck List: last night they took on and conquered Heroic Heart of Fear and Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring! This provided the guild with the Guild Glory of the Pandaria Raider achievement, thereby unlocking the Reins of the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent at the guild vendor. Pictured above are Team Z and other guild members riding the new mount!

Thanks Team Z!
Tvath Thanks for posting this, Tay! We had a great time.
Garrosh Hellscream

Fantastic new news just days before patch 6.0 - Team Z has downed that bastard Garrosh Hellscream! Tvath told us in guild chat that it may have taken a wipe or two, but they got him down. This is the third 10 person raid group Wreck List that defeated Garrosh on normal mode. Not bad, huh?

Congrats Team Z!

Edit: Via Tvath, here they are standing over the body:

Dead Garrosh
Bemused Grats, Team Z!
Rockchalk So awesome! You guys really deserved to get Ahead of the Curve! I really enjoyed subbing for you when needed but I'm so ...
Spoils of Pandaria
Last Tuesday, team Kaels finally downed that big meanie Malkorok on heroic mode. We were unable to do any more raiding after Tuesday, but we did get a few pulls in on Heroic Spoils. Apparently that practice worked, because tonight, on our first full evening of work on this encounter, we defeated it. (Last pull magic, ftw.) Other than increased NPC health and damage output, the main difference between Normal and Heroic is that every time an NPC from a small box is opened, an add spawns in the other side. This add must be quickly killed, or it explodes and probably wipes the raid.

One note: Team Kaels is likely now finished with progression for the expansion. Only a couple more weeks before patch 6.0 is released and given it is highly unlikely we have enough raid time to get Heroic Garrosh, we thought we'd call it here. From here on out, we will be trying to kill Garrosh as many times as possible to get folks their heirloom weapons before the next expansion. :)

Edit: I realize everyone has quit already given SoO has been out over a year, but I still think this is a fun way to end the expansion:

Pamena It is not just fun, it is AWESOME!!!! We are so proud of you guys!!!

Heroic Malkorok Killed!

Taymage a posted Sep 24, 14
After a couple of weeks of banging our heads against the wall (and a couple of nights of absences) Team Kaels cleared has managed to kill Malkorok on heroic difficulty. This fight was billed as a quite a step up in difficulty from the other heroics, and I think we all agree that is accurate, especially on 10 man. Stolen in large part from Icy Veins:

During the Might of the Kor'kron Phase, there are two new mechanics.

Every 3 seconds, a number of orbs of corruption (2 in 10-man) will spawn in random locations on the platform. These orbs persist indefinitely, and they do not do anything unless players come in contact with them. When a player comes in contact with an orb, the orb is detonated and the player loses their damage-absorption shield  and takes a moderate amount of Shadow damage. By the end of the fight, the room is covered with balls! One way to deal with them is that the offtank pops a cooldown or immunity and clears some while not tanking. Additionally, everyone with cooldowns can clear orbs during the Endless Rage Phase (if not rooted, see below) since the Ancient Miasma shield is gone and healing is possible during that phase.

Adds called Living Corruption spawn in 10 man whenever Seismic Slam Icon Seismic Slam is cast. These adds melee, and they respond normally to threat mechanics, but they do not have any other abilities. What they do have, however, is a passive aura that reduces the movement and spell casting speed of all players within 8 yards by 75%. SO ANNOYING.

Endless Rage Phase

The only difference to the Endless Rage Phase is that players who are affected by Displaced Energy Icon Displaced Energy are now also rooted in place for as long as they are affected by the debuff. This means you *cannot* stack for this phase, and the tank has to chain cooldowns to survive. Nina solo tanked this portion, and I think it was not easy. Additionally, as is stated above, folks can clear orbs during this phase.

The enrage is fairly tight. The second day we tried this, we actually got him to about 1% or 2% and wiped while three healing. We decided to try and two heal. I'm sure we could have done it, but the room for error is so low, we went back to three healing (Chanta's shields, DA, and spirit shell were *very* nice) and killed him with 5 seconds to spare on the enrage.
Ninotchka Actually, solo tanking the Rage was highly stressful the first few times I did it, but once I learned it it was quite fu ...
Pamena Great work guys!!!
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