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Welcome to Wreck List!

Kaels a posted Jun 23, 11

Thanks for stopping by the website of the Wreck List, the unofficial guild of the Daily Kos community. We are a big, friendly, stable social guild that raids. In fact, we are also usually near the top 10 for ten person raid progression on our server according to Wowprogress and Guildox. We've done this well with a relaxed attitude that puts fun first, while sticking to our principles. If you would like to find out more about those principles please read our Declaration of Purpose and Principles.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Wreck List, please put in an application by visiting our recruitment page.


Please read this thread for information about installing Mumble, guild vault access, and our mandatory chat addon, GreenWall. If you are a new member and are unable to view the thread or do not have sufficient permissions to view the thread, this is likely because (1) you have not yet associated any of your guilded characters with your enjin username; and/or (2) the enjin / battle.net information has not yet synchronized. If you need help associating a guilded character with your enjin username, please read this thread. If you are still having problems, please whisper Taymage or Taymatt in-game or send him a private message here on the enjin site.

Iron Maidens

It's been a very long time since Team Kaels has had any news regarding progression, largely because of big changes in the raid composition plus some absences. Our paladin tank Ninotchka is taking a well-deserved and fully-understandable break from the game. One of our warlocks (Carune) has graciously switched to his druid tank (Gromn). We've spent some time gearing Gromn, as well as at least one returning member and some alts.

Despite all of these changes, we've managed to fit in a handful of progression days, and it paid off last Thursday. We were finally able to defeat the Iron Maidens on Heroic difficulty. Our first progression boss with the new composition, yay! 

Onward to Blast Furnace! 

Operator Thogar Derailed!

Taymatt a posted Mar 26, 15

Operator Thogar

With plenty of time left in the evening after downing Heroic Kromog, Team Kaels went after Operator Thogar and his annoying trains on Heroic difficulty. Many of us have become used to the fight on Normal, so we had an idea we might not have too much trouble on Heroic. Turns out it wasn't too bad. Well, it was better than Kromog anyway and took less attempts. :) 

Our next progression boss will likely be Iron Maidens. And just because I feel like the real boss in this encounter is not truly Thogar, here is a picture of one of his damn trains:

Train! Move!

Kromog Pounded!

Taymatt a posted Mar 26, 15


Apparently waiting weeks to update the website is progression gold for Team Kaels. Just after I posted long-overdue write-ups about Oregorger and Flamebender Ka'graz, Team Kaels went after Kromog again.

Yes, that is Kromog, not Kologarn. Anyway, we knew we could kill him and had several close attempts last week and last night. But after some failed attempts at three healing, we went back to four and made it. The key appears to be having nobody die to avoidable crap! Who would have thought? :)

Flamebender Ka'graz

Team Kaels also killed its fifth boss in Blackrock Foundry on Heroic difficulty: Flamebender Ka'graz. If you thought the wolves were annoying on normal, they are extra mean on Heroic. Up next: Kromog.