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This Thursday,team Kaels + our friends in <Empirical> on Madoran-US farmed some of the earlier bosses on heroic, and then went after Gorefiend. It seemed so much easier with a large raid group, and we one-shot him! 

We then made some attempts on Heroic Socrethar, and did very well, getting him to 14%. So we are very close on both Xhul'horac and Socrethar. We are now 8/13 Heroic and hopefull will be 10/13 soon! :)

Hallow's End!

Happy Hallow's End 2015!

We will be having a special Hallow's End Guild Event this year: this Friday, 10/30, we will be hosting a Karazhan run & transmog contest!

Purchase your adult beverages accordingly, and select your outfits wisely, who knows how this will turn out!


Taymatt a No, thank YOU Tvath! The Kara run was totally fun. And you are such a sweety for having pets / prizes for everyone for t...
Tvath Thanks to everyone who joined in! We had some lovely costumes, real prizes, and a fun Kara run!

Fel Lord Zakuun

Late update: A little more than a week ago, Team Kaels + our friends in <Empirical> on Madoran-US went after Fel Lord Zakuun on Heroic mode and were successful! We are now 7/13 Heroic and counting.

Just this last Thursday we made some fantastic progress on Heroic Xul'horac, including a painful 1% wipe. Hopefully he'll be dead soon!

Normal Archimonde Down!

Taymatt a posted Oct 11, 15


On Thursday, (much of) Team Kaels teamed up with our cross-realm friends and went after Archimonde on Normal mode. Good progress was made, and he died after about half the evening was done. This completes Normal mode progression (13/13). Our only regret is that some of our raid group hadn't yet logged on because the joint raids start a bit earlier that our usual time. Once the west coasters came in, we made some relatively good progress on Heroic Xul'horac.

Up next: hopefully more heroic bosses!

Tyrant Velhari

Great news from Pamena:
Team PM defeated Normal Tyrant Velhari in a one-shot Tuesday night and are now 10/13! Practice last Tuesday plus some nerfs on normal did the trick, plus getting Thanael back so we had Brumal's awesome dps. We worked on Xhul'horac and got him to 1% on one pull, but had to quit - we'll be back at him next Tuesday.