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Heroic Nazgrim Slain!

Taymage a posted Aug 30, 14
General Nazgrim
So, after a two and a half month absence, team Kaels has downed two new heroic bosses in one week. We got Dark Shaman on Tuesday and tonight we were able to down General Nazgrim on heroic difficulty. He was much easier than Dark Shaman. Other than everything hitting harder, there are really only two significant differences from normal: (1) Nazgrim casts an ability on a tank called "execute", which is as bad as you might expect - the tanks have to save cooldowns for that; and (2) he summons a new add: a hunter who fixates on one raid member and then casts Multishot in the raid member's direction. The number of adds and their health dictated that we two heal it, lucky Karixx and Chanta. Edit: And big thanks to Voban for filling in for Snuff!

Next up: Malkorok, I think.
Pamena What a week you guys! Major Grats!!!

Heroic Dark Shaman Down!

Taymage a posted Aug 27, 14
Kor'kron Dark Shaman
Well hello there. I'll bet you thought we were gone. At times it seems like it; Siege of Orgrimmar has been out for nearly one year, and the absence bug has bitten team Kaels pretty hard. Some weeks we have had only two hours of raid time on a single day, other weeks we have done nothing. This is why it has been two and a half months since team Kaels last reported any new activity.

But we have good news dear readers! We decided to keep a lockout after Iron Juggernaut, tonight we had a full group, and we downed the Dark Shaman on heroic difficulty! We tinkered with several different strategies, but we finally settled upon our winning plan: 3 tanks, 3 heals. Divided as follows: Earthbreaker Haromm (the dude with the ashen walls and iron tombs) is two-tanked inside of Grommash hold with one heal and all but one dps; Wavebinder Kardris is kited around the outside as usual with two heals and one dps who can AoE down the slimes (i.e., Carune). The three tanks were Ninotchka, Eris, and Xoff; I went heals on my priest along with Chanta and Karixx. The strat worked like a charm tonight - we two shot the encounter.

Next up: Heroic Nazgrim! We should be able to complete this encounter given we got him down to 5% on one of the pulls tonight. Wish us luck on Friday! :) 
Pamena Grats you guys, that is wonderful!!!
Iron Juggernaut
Last week team Kaels was able to kill the first five bosses on heroic in one evening and expected to have plenty of time to work on Heroic Iron Juggernaut. Unfortunately, crashed internets and various mis-communications meant we only raided the one day. 

This week, we briefly feared a repeat: after one pull, Damselle's power went out. He let Nina know that we should find a replacement, and luckily for us, Rockchalk was online. After a couple more pulls, we were able to down the encounter. Our dps is high enough and the enrage is lax enough that we 4-healed this fight. We even got a couple of pulls in on Heroic Dark Shaman, and they seem doable. Assuming no unexpected power outages, we will be giving them a go on Friday.
Garrosh Hellscream

Good News everyone! No, we haven't fixed the broken slime pipes; even better, Team RubiPam has downed that bastard Garrosh Hellscream. As they will all tell you, he's had it coming for a long time! Pamena writes: "Team RubiPam on its last night with Rubidium as our regular field general, went into Siege to attempt to kill Garrosh for the umpteenth time and we got him!!!!! Our long team nightmare is finally over!" :)

What's next, you ask? Heroics? Maybe, but only after a well-deserved break in the hardcore action. Congrats all!

Via Pamena, here they are standing over the bodies:

Dead Garrosh
Dark Well done, Team RubiPam!!! Congratulations!
Kaels a Congrats guys! I knew you could do it!
cognosi grats! That is great
Sha of Pride

Last week Team Kaels made it up to Heroic Sha of Pride, but we were one person short on Friday (cough, SNUFF, cough) and as such, we were only able to get some 9-person practice runs in. We also got a few pulls in last night, and this evening we were able to kill him.

Regarding differences between Heroic and Normal, I have shamelessly stolen this from a guide at MMO Champions:

The first addition to the encounter on Heroic difficulty, is that the boss spawns Rifts of Corruption periodically, every 8 seconds. These Rifts spit out bolts at random raid members, which deal splash damage to anyone within the 5 yard AoE that pulses at the bolt's target [edit Tay: this also gives you 5 pride if you don't move out of it]. Rifts can be closed by any raid member walking over them, however doing so puts a debuff on that raid member which prevents them from closing any more rifts for 1 minute.
. . .

Pac ManThe second addition to the encounter on Heroic difficulty, is effectively a Pacman minigame - Banishment. A random player will be selected and Banished into the "Pacman" realm, at which point a Corrupted Fragment spawns at their location in the real realm which must be killed to bring the Banished player back from the "Pacman" realm. When Banished, players are constantly forced to be running forward, but can turn to survive the Pacman minigame to which they have been sent. There are Sha adds [edit Tay: GHOSTS!] which will one shot you if you run into them and clearly visible purple void areas to avoid. The aim of the game is to run around the maze, avoiding the adds (which move quite a bit faster than the player) and collecting the golden orbs present by running through them. Collecting a golden orb gives the Corrupted Fragment a 25% damage taken bonus, allowing it to be killed quicker. Once the Corrupted Fragment has been killed, the Banished player will be returned to join the rest of the raid and continue the encounter as normal.  

Dark Many grats, Team Kaels.
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