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Heroic Twin Ogron Defeated!

Taymage a posted Dec 17, 14
Twin Ogron
In addition to killing Kargath Bladefist on Heroic difficulty the first week that Highmaul opened, over the past two weeks we have made runs at various other bosses on Normal difficulty. We were able to kill the Butcher, and got some practice in on Tectus, Brakenspore, and Twin Ogron on Normal difficulty.

Apparently that practice along with a little more gear paid off: this week we were able to defeat the Twin Ogron encounter on Heroic difficulty. (And to top things off, we went in and one-shot Brackenspore on Normal). Great fun was had by all! :)

Heroic Kargath Down!

Taymage a posted Dec 17, 14
Begging your pardon, dear readers, but I have been neglectful of informing you all of our raid progress. Blame it on those damn Garrisons or something. Every time I log in, there are follower missions, work orders, cooldowns, ore to mine, and herbs to gather. Sigh.

You will be pleased to know that back on December 3, we downed Kargath Bladefist on Heroic difficulty. He isn't much different on Heroic than on Normal for those who have seen that fight. We just needed to get used to the fire pillars. Anyway, he is dead! \o/
Cloud Serpents!

Huge thanks to Team Z from all of Wreck List: last night they took on and conquered Heroic Heart of Fear and Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring! This provided the guild with the Guild Glory of the Pandaria Raider achievement, thereby unlocking the Reins of the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent at the guild vendor. Pictured above are Team Z and other guild members riding the new mount!

Thanks Team Z!
Tvath Thanks for posting this, Tay! We had a great time.
Garrosh Hellscream

Fantastic new news just days before patch 6.0 - Team Z has downed that bastard Garrosh Hellscream! Tvath told us in guild chat that it may have taken a wipe or two, but they got him down. This is the third 10 person raid group Wreck List that defeated Garrosh on normal mode. Not bad, huh?

Congrats Team Z!

Edit: Via Tvath, here they are standing over the body:

Dead Garrosh
Bemused Grats, Team Z!
Rockchalk So awesome! You guys really deserved to get Ahead of the Curve! I really enjoyed subbing for you when needed but I'm so ...
Spoils of Pandaria
Last Tuesday, team Kaels finally downed that big meanie Malkorok on heroic mode. We were unable to do any more raiding after Tuesday, but we did get a few pulls in on Heroic Spoils. Apparently that practice worked, because tonight, on our first full evening of work on this encounter, we defeated it. (Last pull magic, ftw.) Other than increased NPC health and damage output, the main difference between Normal and Heroic is that every time an NPC from a small box is opened, an add spawns in the other side. This add must be quickly killed, or it explodes and probably wipes the raid.

One note: Team Kaels is likely now finished with progression for the expansion. Only a couple more weeks before patch 6.0 is released and given it is highly unlikely we have enough raid time to get Heroic Garrosh, we thought we'd call it here. From here on out, we will be trying to kill Garrosh as many times as possible to get folks their heirloom weapons before the next expansion. :)

Edit: I realize everyone has quit already given SoO has been out over a year, but I still think this is a fun way to end the expansion:

Pamena It is not just fun, it is AWESOME!!!! We are so proud of you guys!!!
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