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Greetings once again! I forgot to write this up, so here goes. Last week, (Nov. 5 I believe) team Kaels + our friends in <Empirical> on Madoran-US went back in after Xhul'horac on Heroic mode. We had done some very amazing work on him (including a 1% wipe) so we figured we had it. Sure enough, after a few pulls, BOOM. 

Wreck list is now 9/13 Heroic! This week, we made a couple of attempts on Heroic Socrethar on Thursday (<Empirical> has now actually killed him) but we were missing a *lot* of people, including our hunters. We had only 10 Wreck Listers for most of the night. So it was not to be. On a related note: please tell folk if you can't make it to raid so they can plan!

Up next: not sure about this Monday, but for the next post-patch lockout, we will be attempting Mythic Hellfire Assault, now that we can do cross-realm Mythics! Fun, and scary!


This Thursday,team Kaels + our friends in <Empirical> on Madoran-US farmed some of the earlier bosses on heroic, and then went after Gorefiend. It seemed so much easier with a large raid group, and we one-shot him! 

We then made some attempts on Heroic Socrethar, and did very well, getting him to 14%. So we are very close on both Xhul'horac and Socrethar. We are now 8/13 Heroic and hopefull will be 10/13 soon! :)

Hallow's End!

Happy Hallow's End 2015!

We will be having a special Hallow's End Guild Event this year: this Friday, 10/30, we will be hosting a Karazhan run & transmog contest!

Purchase your adult beverages accordingly, and select your outfits wisely, who knows how this will turn out!


Taymatt ao No, thank YOU Tvath! The Kara run was totally fun. And you are such a sweety for having pets / prizes for everyone for t...
Tvath Thanks to everyone who joined in! We had some lovely costumes, real prizes, and a fun Kara run!

Heroic Fel Lord Zakkun Slain!

Taymatt ao posted Oct 24, 15

Fel Lord Zakuun

Late update: A little more than a week ago, Team Kaels + our friends in <Empirical> on Madoran-US went after Fel Lord Zakuun on Heroic mode and were successful! We are now 7/13 Heroic and counting.

Just this last Thursday we made some fantastic progress on Heroic Xul'horac, including a painful 1% wipe. Hopefully he'll be dead soon!

Normal Archimonde Down!

Taymatt ao posted Oct 11, 15


On Thursday, (much of) Team Kaels teamed up with our cross-realm friends and went after Archimonde on Normal mode. Good progress was made, and he died after about half the evening was done. This completes Normal mode progression (13/13). Our only regret is that some of our raid group hadn't yet logged on because the joint raids start a bit earlier that our usual time. Once the west coasters came in, we made some relatively good progress on Heroic Xul'horac.

Up next: hopefully more heroic bosses!