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Oregorger Devoured!

Taymatt a posted Mar 25, 15


A few weeks ago, Team Kaels killed its fourth boss in Blackrock Foundry on Heroic difficulty: Oregorger. The first kill was pretty brutal, but with additional gear and the gear upgrades, the last time we went after him, it seemed a bit easier.

Hans'gar & Franzok

This week was a bit abbreviated for Team Kaels. Our paladin tank Ninotchka was out on Tuesday for medical reasons. That, along with my and Kaels' Tuesday evening Comcast outage, meant we were able to raid only one day.
But it was a good day. Hear me now, and believe me later, we were able to two-shot the Hans'gar & Franzok encounter on Heroic difficulty. As you can see from above, the encounter involves running around in circles on moving conveyor belts, attempting to avoid being flattened by presses that drop from the sky.
Here is our kill shot, courtesy of Carune:
Hans & Franz kill
Mageartin Discount daaable check

Beastlord Darmac Tamed!

Taymatt a posted Feb 22, 15

Beastlord Darmac

After killing Gruul, team Kaels was able to successfully tackle Beastlord Darmac and his three nasty pets on Heroic difficulty.


Heroic Gruul Down!

Taymatt a posted Feb 22, 15


With the release of Blackrock Foundry, team Kaels went back to work attempting to kill Draenor raid bosses on Heroic difficulty. First casualty: Gruul.


Heroic Ko'ragh Slain!

Taymatt a posted Jan 20, 15
Last Wednesday, Team Kaels downed the penultimate encounter in Highmaul on Heroic difficulty: Ko'ragh. As is the case with Brackenspore, this fight is mechanically no different from Normal difficulty; the abilities just hit harder. We switched to a strategy where folks stood loosely around the base of the stairs and the tanks dropped off their debuff near the top of the steps. Seemed to work well, and we got him. Up next is the final boss: Imperator Mar'gok.