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Oops, I Did It Again, and no, I'm not Britney Spears. I'm just bad at updating sometimes. Last Wednesday, Team Kaels downed a new encounter in Highmaul on Heroic difficulty: Brackenspore.

The fight is mechanically no different from Normal difficulty for those who have experience; the abilities just hit harder and I have a feeling the moss moves faster. We were missing a few people, but our flamethrowers were perfect and the dps / tanks were fantastic about interrupts and killing adds, so we got him. Up next: Ko'ragh I think.

Heroic Tectus Shattered!

Taymage a posted Jan 5, 15
On Friday, Team Kaels had another make-up raid for these Wednesdays that have been cancelled due to those pesky holidays, and good news folks - we managed to one-shot Tectus on Heroic mode! We then put some work in on Brackenspore (he looks to be a pain) and even had some time left over to kill a few bosses on Normal difficulty.

Heroic Butcher Cleaved!

Taymage a posted Dec 26, 14
Twin Ogron
On the Tuesday before Christmas, Team Kaels went back into Highmaul. With a little more gear, we were able to kill the Butcher on Heroic difficulty, yay! Since the last time I've written, we have also cleared all of normal but Imperator Mar'gok. Up next: Heroic Brackenspore maybe? Not sure, but we'll keep you informed. :)

Heroic Twin Ogron Defeated!

Taymage a posted Dec 17, 14
Twin Ogron
In addition to killing Kargath Bladefist on Heroic difficulty the first week that Highmaul opened, over the past two weeks we have made runs at various other bosses on Normal difficulty. We were able to kill the Butcher, and got some practice in on Tectus, Brakenspore, and Twin Ogron on Normal difficulty.

Apparently that practice along with a little more gear paid off: this week we were able to defeat the Twin Ogron encounter on Heroic difficulty. (And to top things off, we went in and one-shot Brackenspore on Normal). Great fun was had by all! :)

Heroic Kargath Down!

Taymage a posted Dec 17, 14
Begging your pardon, dear readers, but I have been neglectful of informing you all of our raid progress. Blame it on those damn Garrisons or something. Every time I log in, there are follower missions, work orders, cooldowns, ore to mine, and herbs to gather. Sigh.

You will be pleased to know that back on December 3, we downed Kargath Bladefist on Heroic difficulty. He isn't much different on Heroic than on Normal for those who have seen that fight. We just needed to get used to the fire pillars. Anyway, he is dead! \o/
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