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Welcome to Wreck List!

Kaels a posted Jun 23, 11

Thanks for stopping by the website of the Wreck List, the unofficial guild of the Daily Kos community. We are a big, friendly, stable social guild that raids. In fact, we are also usually near the top 10 for ten person raid progression on our server according to Wowprogress and Guildox. We've done this well with a relaxed attitude that puts fun first, while sticking to our principles. If you would like to find out more about those principles please read our Declaration of Purpose and Principles.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Wreck List, please put in an application by visiting our recruitment page.


Please read this thread for information about installing Mumble, guild vault access, and our mandatory chat addon, GreenWall. If you are a new member and are unable to view the thread or do not have sufficient permissions to view the thread, this is likely because (1) you have not yet associated any of your guilded characters with your enjin username; and/or (2) the enjin / battle.net information has not yet synchronized. If you need help associating a guilded character with your enjin username, please read this thread. If you are still having problems, please whisper Taymage or Taymatt in-game or send him a private message here on the enjin site.

Tyrant Velhari

Great news from Pamena:
Team PM defeated Normal Tyrant Velhari in a one-shot Tuesday night and are now 10/13! Practice last Tuesday plus some nerfs on normal did the trick, plus getting Thanael back so we had Brumal's awesome dps. We worked on Xhul'horac and got him to 1% on one pull, but had to quit - we'll be back at him next Tuesday.


Another update: Team Kaels was able to head into Hellfire Citadel and relatively easily kill Xhul'horac on Normal mode after the recent nerfs. Very nice with no fire spreading from adds :) 

We had enough time we were able to try Normal Mannoroth, and sure enough, we got him on the second pull. Up next: Normal Archimonde and possibly Heroic Xhul'horac!

Again, please folks, send in your stories, events, and Wreck List-related news for our front page!


Hello all! As I indicated a couple of days ago, I am back and will be giving updates, hopefully on all kinds of guild goings-on.

In the interm, some good news from Team Kaels: last night we collaborated with the same group who came with us for our Heroic Blast Furnace and Blackhand kills, and we were able to down a new Heroic boss: Shadow-Lord Iskar.

As you might imagine, the fire and other mechanics are a lot less forgiving on Heroic difficulty, and it is also difficult to manage property tossing the "eye" with 26 people, but still with the increased raid size, we were able to kill a new Heroic boss!

Folks, please send in your stories, events, and Wreck List-related news for our front page!

Papagenia Grats Team K on heroic Iskar!

Hellfire Citadel Update!

Taymatt a posted Sep 27, 15

Hellfire AssaultIron Reaver

KormrokHigh Council

Hello all! My apologies for the lack of updates since June. Real life & professional obligations combined with my Warlords ennui led me to, well, not update the site. But that all changes now! :)

Regarding Team Kaels, our attendance difficulties continue. We are down to either 11 or 12 people, and it is very exciting for us when we have extras that get us up to 14. This has continued to make it difficult for our progression. As of now we are 10/13 Normal and 5/13 Heroic.  

Senta informs me Team PM has moved way into Hellfire Citadel at 9/13 Normal, and they are currently working on Tyrant Velhari. I believe Team Z is either 5 or 6 out of 13 Normal (please correct me if I have that wrong Tvath!) Team Z has open signups on Sundays at 8:30 pm.

While I will continue to keep you apprised of the travails of our raid groups, I plan on bringing additional guild-related news, stories, and events to the front page. So keep watch here for Wreck List updates!

Papagenia Tay thanks so much for adding news to the front page!